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Towing scams are common throughout the United States. All too often a tow truck driver will find your disabled car along the side of the road to offer help unsolicited. These types of tow truck drivers will prey on victims during their time of need. These tow truck drivers will then take your car and charge inflated storing fees when you try to reclaim your vehicle. This is why you should always rely on a certified and insured Orlando tow group, There are many common ways scammers will try to rob you of your money.

One thing you should always keep in mind is whether you have roadside assistance coverage or not. If you have roadside assistance you can always call them and get your car towed for free. Secondly, it is extremely unwise to use a towing service that shows up unsolicited. It is better off not taking the risk and losing a ton of money. Thirdly, you should not let any tow truck driver take your car until they have told you what the costs are going to be or even provided a invoice. Also make sure the tow truck company gives you the name of the organization such as Orlando tow group, the location and their number. Often tow truck companies will try to charge exorbitant rates such as 3$ or 4$ a mile in order to hike up the bill. If a price is too good to be true it probably is. Some tow truck companies will try to charge exorbitant storing fees as high as 125$ a day when it really should be 30$ a day. Its also important to find out how long the towing company has been in business so you that they are more established. The main thing to look out for are the unsolicited tow trucks. That is the number one sign of a towing scam.